Обмен учебными материалами

Ex. 19. Memorize the meaning of FOLLOW. Read and translate the sentences.

  • High temperature followed a bad cough and running nose.
  • Drug overdose was followed by vomiting.
  • The injection was followed by blood pressure increase.
  • Medication followed by allergic reaction was discontinued immediately.
  • The recommended dose is an infusion of 5 mg/kg followed by additional dose in 2 weeks.
  • When followed by some side-effects, the medicine should be discontinued.
  • B. Following – в след за, следующий за

  • Allergy following antibiotic treatment was very severe.
  • Tetanus usually occurs following a wound received outdoor.
  • C. To follow (the diet, bed regimen, doctor’s prescription) – соблюдать

  • Patients with stomach ulcer had to follow the diet.
  • The better he follows the doctor’s prescription the better he feels and looks.
  • D.To follow up – наблюдать за по поводу отдалённых результатов

  • All patients in the placebo group were followed up.
  • TB patients must be followed up.
  • E. Follow up patients – пациенты, требующие длительного наблюдения

    Follow up patients were divided into 2 groups according to their emotional state and well being.

    F.Follow ups – отдалённые результаты

    Follow up rate was 95%.

    G. As follows – следующим образом

    The abbreviation FDA is read and translated as follows Food and Drug Administration – Комиссия по продуктам питания и лекарствам.

    H. The following – следующие

    The following symptoms are sings of cold: cough and running nose.

    Ex. 20. Look at pictures 5 and using your knowledge of anatomy try to translate the anatomical terms:

    1. Body of stomach 2. Fundus 3. Anterior wall 4. Greater curvature 5. Lesser curvature 6. Cardia 9. Pyloric sphincter 10. Pyloric antrum 11. Pyloric canal 12. Angular notch 13. Gastric canal14. Rugal folds.

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